SMART Cyber Exchange Georgia

SMART Cyber Exchange (SCE) Georgia

SMART Cyber Exchange (SCE) was founded 2016 in Alpharetta, Georgia.

We are all aware of the benefits and conveniences that technology brings to our lives.  However, we may not be aware of the dependencies and critical risks that technology exposes us to. The trade-offs between these two must be properly analyzed and practical solutions must be implemented. We call this “Cyber Resilience”

“Through our ever-growing reliance on it, we have made the “Internet of Things” the “Internet of American Life.” with billions of inter-connected and inter-reliant nodes, of which very few, if any, can be considered “protected” from intrusion, and corruption. The problem is stems from a lack of awareness and appreciation of just how exploitable the global Internet is.

Communities, businesses, schools, and homes use IT massively. It is this reliance on an entity no one controls, that makes the internet “a vector” for inflicting harm on all who use it.

SMART Cyber Resilience Partner Program 

Our SMART Cyber Resilience Program is a first of its kind in North America.

The application of SMART Resilience – based,  mindsets, metrics, methodologies and technologies, will improve Cyber Resilience in our businesses, in our communities, in our schools, and in our homes.

We share how to define and mitigate Cyber Risks in the the new world of connected internet. We introduce you to tools, and answer your questions how to get started in an engagement and implementation of SMART Cyber Resilience Program today in your business or your community.

We collaborate with Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Government Agencies, Corporations, Schools, Academia, and other professional Organizations to build Cyber Resilience in our communities across North America.

Who Should Participate

Leaders of Private sector Enterprises, Government agencies, NGOs, Non-Profits, Trade Development Agencies, Academic Institutions, R&D Institutions, Universities, Authorities, Economic Development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, and organizations seeking to learn how to build Cyber Resilience today.

Why You Should Participate

To learn how your enterprise, organization, your region, your stakeholders can  implement resilience – based, mindsets, metrics, methodologies and technologies today, to improve cyber resilience in your community, in your businesses, in your school, and in your home.

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